1 Click 1 Smile for Tohoku Children


On March 11, 2011
The Great East Japan Earthquake rocked the Tohoku region of Japan.
The region's children lost their friends, their families, their homes.
They lost their smiles.

For 25 years, as the best-selling bottled tea in Japan, Gogo Tea is delivering tea time smiles
to the faces of all Japan's people.
So what can Gogo Tea do for the children of Japan in the face of this tragedy?

To put smiles back on the children's faces!


Provide children of the disaster area with the simple luxuries of cake and Gogo Tea.
Deliver messages of support from people around Japan to comfort the children in the evacuation centers.
Launch the “1 Click 1 Smile for Tohoku Children” website to let people show their support by choosing the fruit toppings for the cakes.
The cakes were delivered to the Big Tea Party for the children from the disaster area, in partnership with a local NPO.
The more clicks on the website the more children were invited to the party.

  1. Choose a piece of fruit on the website.

  2. Actual fruit toppings are added to the cakes.

  3. Cakes are delivered to the children.


  • Over the course of only two weeks of web promotion, 24,881 fruit toppings were added to cakes which allowed 500 disaster area kids to be invited.
  • The story was picked up by 69 media agencies in just the devastated region.
  • Sales increased by 20% during the campaign period, compared to the same period the previous year. The brand image was elevated.

And smiles were restored to the children's faces.