Domino's Pizza presents


The World's Shortest Limited Time Offer


To increase the number of Facebook fans


0.1seconds Social Gamification

The World's Shortest Sale

The simple Facebook game application which participants may win a 50% off coupon just by clicking the button.
However, the chance is only for 0.1 seconds, the moment digital clock shows a repeated pattern of digit.

  • ボタンをクリック

    Click the button.

  • 0.1秒でもづれたら負け

    If you click exactly, you win 50%OFF.

  • 時計がゾロ目の瞬間に押せば50%OFF

    If you are early or late, you lose.

The results are automatically shared on SNS.
The frustration and excitement of users hijacked the timeline.

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Resultof only for a total of 8.7 seconds campaign

Domino's Pizza became No1 pizza brand on Facebook in Japan.

  • The number of Facebook fans increased by 150%

  • The growth rate is 2000% faster than before.

  • It created a huge buzz.

  • In addition, the winning rate was only 9.2%.

The minimum amount of coupons brought the maximum result.

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