Number of young people who are interested in cars is decreasing in Japan.
We wanted the young people to give a driving chance and realize the fun and pleasure of driving
by a whole new method.


We developed the world’s first lucky car navigation system that gives you more luck as you drive.

This app selects your driving partner and driving route based on astrology.
And it encourages a driving date.

1. Driving partner

Driving parter

It scans your Facebook to calculates your compatibility with potential partners to drive with.

2. Driving route

Driving route

It chooses the best direction and route for the ultimate drive.

Let's go for romantic drive! Let's drive

This allows anyone to easily invite a special someone on a drive.


FORTUNE POWER ROAD was a big hit to the Japanese nation who loves fortune-telling and checks their daily fortune on TV every morning. It had more than 150 media coverage and became No.1 download app in the lifestyle category.

More and more men are inviting women for a drive because of this app!
We successfully created new connections between young people and cars and drove their romance.

NO.1 Downloads in iTunes App Store (Free LifeStyle Apps category)

more than 150 media cobverage

Huge Buzz on SNS