-The World's first app for sharing "unfinished food"-


arrowI'm full...I'm hungry...I'm hungry...I'm hungry...phone

Your unfinished food becomes someone's feast!

How to use "ZANPANDA"

  1. a satisfied man.
    Unfinished food.
  2. taking a picture by a phone.
    Take a picture.
  3. inputing infomation of the food.
    indicate where you are.
  4. sharing the infomation to users with a map.
    Share it to hungry users.
  5. a man who is eating the food.
    Someone's feast!


How can we reduce the amount of
food waste in a unique way?

Wasting food means wasting water, soil and energy. It causes great harm to our natural environment and it affects both human and wild animals. Young people have very little concern with this issue, and even if they do, they never think about reducing it.

Field withered


Creating a unique social app that enables
you to share your unfinished food!

WWF Japan came up with a unique and approachable idea to make the world’s first unfinished food sharing app. If you can not finish your food, just take a picuture your meal, put in the location and share it. The information immediately spreads to numerous app users who are constantly hungry. By using this “meal matching service”, people will realize how much food they were wasting in their daily lives.


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This campaign earned more than ¥20 million worth free publicity with ¥0 media cost, and the most “likes” on Facebook ever since WWF Japan started. It successfully transformed the difficult, unapproachable theme into a familiar daily conversation and interaction, making food waste issue relevant to young people.

※This app is fully revised version of the former one which was launched in 2012