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The first of its in the Razor industry!

HIGE LIFE ( HIGE = beard ) recognizes the new Xfit razor using the smart phone's camera and shape recognition technology. This makes the razor integrate with the app!


In 2014 Kai released a new razor – Xfit ( CrossFit ).

The objective of the campaign was to efficiently reach the target group and raise the interest in shaving.

Focus was the shaving procedure – something that many users repeat every day.

Research showed that the average shaving time for Japanese men who shave daily is around one minute.

The solution was to develop a smartphone app that enriches the this daily action.

"HIGE LIFE" is the first app in the category that links with a product!


"The razor integrated app"
The app has three main features:


Take a photo of your beard, and the app will diagnose it!

Take a photo and answer three questions about yourself and your shaving habits. The photo and the answers are sent to a beard expert for diagnosis. Your beard type will be analyzed, and the app will provide personalized advice how to take care of your beard.

2. Changing blade alert

Considering quality, sanitary and the user's skin, it is recommended to change the razor blade every two weeks.

If you have verified your Xfit with the app's razor shape recognition function, the changing blade timer will start. For you not to forget to change the blade, you will be reminded by an alert on your smartphone every two weeks.

Changing blade alert


Professional beard advise are brought to you by an in-app radio channel that gives you everyday beard information. Various radio hosts respond to your beard concerns and give you useful advice about shaving techniques and general beard information. This service gives you a fun and informative shaving time each morning.

Changing blade alert


The first app in the category that links smartphone, razor and shaving.

Kai's market share expanded and record sales were seen.

top app

HIGE LIFE reached the top of the Entertainment category in the iOS App Store. It has been downloaded 86,000 times (1/14/2015), and has generated significant engagement in social media.