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The world's first app that translates engine sounds to words!


Our mission was to effectively spread Yamaha's brand slogan, "Revs Your Heart" to users.

Therefore, we focused on the point of "REV = rotational speed of the engine".

We offered the solution of engine sounds translation to enhance the engine-to-human communication. Rev Translator, is the world's first engine translation app.


Introducing the function that allows you to understand the thoughts of the engines.


Start the app, press the [ Translate ] button while letting your smartphone to listen to the engine sound, the app then translate the "engine language".

idea 1


The engines are characterized into six types, and you can select your favorite engine's personality for translation.

We prepared more than 100 millions translation results as sentences, which differ depending on time and weather.

Additionally, since emotion of the engine sounds changes, you can enjoy the interaction with the engines every day.

idea 2

Each time you translate an engine sound, you earn points. Accumulated points can be redeemed for rare Yamaha items.

idea 3


RevStory is a series of videos about the thoughts of product development of Yamaha Motor. When you access the videos on PC and translate the engine sounds, you can understand the content and obtain a special item.

By watching videos, you have a chance to win special items.

idea 4


The world's first engine translation app. RevTranslator showed great success, not only in Japan but throughout the world. It also generated high engagement in social media.


RevTranslator was covered by several media outlets across the world.


RevTranslator encourages users to watch the RevStory videos, which tell the story about Yamaha Motor's product development philosophy. The videos deepen the understanding of Yamaha's brand slogan – "Revs Your Heart".

RevTranslator allows users to interact with engines of all kinds. By understanding the engine's emotions, a bond is created between human and machine.