Domino’s Pizza is a worldwide delivery pizza brand.
In Japan, the delivery pizza market is oversaturated.
Our mission is to increase sales under this market condition.


The world’s 1st GPS Delivery Application.†
This application enabled Domino’s Pizza to deliver pizza anywhere users are.
It broke the stereotype that “people order pizza delivery to their houses”
and created a new market.

[†1st service in the worldwide Domino’s Pizza chains]

Easy To Use

  1. GPS recognizes exactly where you are

  2. Chose from the menu and place your order


This application stimulated our hidden appetite.
It then succeeded in creating a new market and had a sale of over $4million.

Over $4million Sales

No1 Downloads in iTunes App Store
(Free Lifestyle Apps category)

Apple Stoer

Huge Buzz on Twitter and Blogs

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The goal of advertising is to sale.
We succeeded in creating massive sales by only one application