Concept of the Project

We challenged to destruct common sense and build a whole new perception, about Binbo-Yusuri aka twitching legs or jiggling knees.

Our company slogan is to "bring something new", and this time we created a electronic gadget as a promotion of our company slogan.

What' Binbo-Yusuri?

Binbo-Yusuri, in other words twitching or nervous shaking of the leg, is considered as bad manner or having negative image since "Binbo" means "poor" in Japanese.

Appeal Point

1. Creating new sense of value

"YUREX" Project introduced the new perspective of Binbo-Yusuri together with Art-unit "Maywa Denki".

Focusing on useless "Binbo-Yusuri", the concept revealed a fresh interpretation that "it enhances your concentration and creativity."

2. Media and device integrated new perspective creation

"YUREX" which enhances your concentration is composed of 3 items; digital gadget, AIR application, and special web site.

  • Digital gadget accumulates rhythm pattern of Binbo-Yusuri.
  • AIR application is for Binbo-Yusuri pattern analysis, data storage and reproduction of the pattern.
  • Special web site is community web site solely prepared for YUREX users.

YUREX users experience totally new world of Binbo-Yusuri with these 3 items.

Key Map of YUREX

To sweep away negative image on Binbo-Yusuri, we created exaggerated expression throughout the project. This story changed the concept, and made people excited and uplifted.

Explanation Movie

Special Web site

Package Design

Exaggerated expression and story led word of mouth and spread out on social media such as blog and twitter. This resulted in spreading out our company name afterwards. There are more than 1,000 blogs mentioning both "YUREX" and "KAYAC" at the same time.

Cited internationally

Many of related materials, such as promotional web site and package were translated into English, and many international news media like "GIZMODE" and "engadget"covered YUREX.

movethelabels / Jan. 19th, 2009
engadget / Dec. 24th, 2008
WIRED / Dec. 24th, 2008
CScoutJapan Blog / Dec. 13th, 2008
THE REMOTE VIEWER / Dec. 12th, 2008
Pink Tentacle / Dec. 11th, 2008
GIZMODE / Dec. 11th, 2008

3. Viral Effect

We broadcasted TV commercial for limited time period; this short period initiated interest of many, resulted in increasing number of views of the film on YouTube. Also we participated in various events to reach out people who were not active on web.

Created TV commercial film

4. Spreading out our company brand message

As a result of buzz on social media, many TV shows and magazines reported about YUREX. Mass media exposure led another chance to exposure such as writing and speaking, resulted in more widely spreading out our brand message.

Such littele simple thing as Binbo-Yusuri became big movement through this project.

YUREX won 13th Japan Media Arts Festival's Award "Jury Recommend Work" and also got 8th Tokyo Interactive Ad Award "Interactive Category" bronze prize.

Cross media implementation

TV commercial

Event participation

Release of information on web

YUREX promotion lasted about a year, nationally and internationally. Each time we held campaign, such as pre and after sales, and holiday season, we selected media and sent out our brand message.

Spreading out our company brand message

Effect and Result of the campaign

3,000 set of YUREX we produced were all sold-out. 3,000 people from all over the world received our brand message.

TV commercial film on YouTube was played over 9,500 times.

Succeeded in creating buzz on blog and twitter
There are more than 7,000 blogs and 2,500 tweets mentioned about YUREX

All kinds of national and international news site, magazine and so on, covered YUREX. Total number of post exceeds 50 articles.