“To increase the number of creators”
This is the management principle of KAYAC, the FUN corporation.
We think that the management principle is the raison d’être answering the question “why the company exists in the society” and also the methodology for the company’s existence.

When we thought how we contributed to society, we reached the conclusion that our method was to make even a single person a creator and set
“to increase the number of creators” as our management principle.

To implement KAYAC’s management principle, we created “wonderfl build flash online”, the service which increases the number of Flash creators.

International users also visit wonderfl; access from overseas comes to about 40% of the total.


Anybody with an internet connection can become a Flash creator on "wonderfl." Not only "to increase the number of creators", we also discover talented Flash creators and send them out to the world on wonderfl.

Additionally, as a new form of recruiting, we can headhunt talented Flash creators on wonderfl. This feature is opened to our business partners to make a contribution to web service industry that KAYAC belongs to.


Flash around the world.

In “wonderfl”, you can see Flash creators from America, France, England, China and others from all over the world showing their programming skills.

As of March 2010, there have been more than 70,000 programs posted. 100,000 unique users visit wonderfl every month and about 40% of them access from abroad. You can call “wonderfl” the encyclopedia of World Flash.

wonderfl has a ranking feature of the ActionScripts posted from around the world. On the top page, you can see the most popular code of that day. Enjoy the World Flash Show Case.

3 major functions; Build from scrach, Download and Fork
-Providing knowlege and skill of ActionScript -

*Fork means to copy the original program and edit it.

Anybody with an internet connection can become a flash creator on "wonderfl." Anybody can learn Flash (ActionScript) without buying expensive software and express their creativity. With creators' permission, you can download every program on wonderfl.

Not only that, wonderfl features "Fork" function, which allows users to copy and edit ActionScript created by other users. With this function, you can actually edit and replicate codes instead of just looking at it.

With these functions, scratching, downloading and forking, wonderfl provides various knowledge and skill of ActionScript for many Flash creators.

Original was a 2D graphic game

Upgrade to using 3D graphics

Added a spotlight to the character, like in a dungeon.

Official event

wonderfl hosts official events that allow users to compete at what they do best. “CHECKMATE”, a joint project with Adobe who developed the “Flash” application software, was where you can come in direct contact with the codes created by your favorite Flash creators.

Famous Flash creators presented a topic and the users competed to come up with the most appropriate program for that topic.

The “CHECKMATE” event is over now, but all the topic and codes can be accessed. Have a look!


From non-creator to creator. -Approaching Flash games-

wonderfl offers a service called “wonderfl flash-games” where the user can create, play and edit their original games utilizing wonderfl’s many features. This opens a new route for those not interested in Flash, but are interested in video games. By taking this approach, they will most likely find Flash production to be interesting.

After this was released, various games emerged and was talked about on blogs and twitters. Since then, the Flash games on wonderfl have attracted a new group of users.


To the platform of Flash creation -Cooperating with Physical Computing-

Operating as a platform for Flash creation, wonderfl is preparing numerous events and collaborations.

We are collaborating with Mr. Shigeru Kobayashi's team of IAMAS about the concept of physical computing. Physical computing is a field of study where instead of using attachments to computers, such as keyboard and mouse, we go directly to the hardware device that allows users to express themselves in the physical world.

Creating something out of scratch using hardware may seem too difficult for those without experience. However, with this collaboration, wonderfl will be able to provide an environment where the user can easily start to physical computing and an opportunity to learn more possibilities of expression for users.

We hope to expand our horizons to fields such as media art in the future.


Cooperation with Physical Computing.

User oriented Spin-off site [Beautifl - Flash Gallery of wonderfl]

Since over 70,000 programs are posted on wonderfl, there are so many to look at. Thus, one of our users created a spin-off site showing only "must see programs on wonderfl."

It's named "Beautifl - Flash Gallery of wonderfl," through our users discussion on Twitter.

It only shows beautiful programs on wonderful, and operated voluntarily. This free-will chain reaction is something you can see often on web. We hope wonderfl and beautifl help many people to become Flash creators.


System Requirements.


■windows XP、vista、windows7
・InternetExplorer 7/8
・Firefox 3.5 and up

■Mac OS 10.4 and up, 10.5 and up
Safari 4.0 and up
Firefox 3.5 and up

Adobe Flash Version 10 and up (We recommend the newest version.)

wonderfl build flash online is developed and operated by KAYAC Inc., by the following members.

  • Takumi Kataoka
    Takumi Kataoka
    (Producer/Creative Director)
  • Masakazu Ohtsuka
    Masakazu Ohtsuka
    (Creative Director/Technical Director/Programmer)
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
    Atsushi Hashimoto
    (Art Director/Designer)
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
    Taro Kobayashi
    (Flash Developper)
  • gunjinami
    Nami Gunji
  • Yosuke Doke
    Yosuke Doke
    (Flash Developper)
  • Yosuke Doke
    Yoshihiro Sugi
  • Yosuke Doke
    Sayuri Takizawa
    (Designer/ME/Project management )